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Assessing the Ward’s Increase

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How did Bishop Isaac Stewart, the first Bishop of Draper, Utah, assess his wards tithing during the 1860’s?

A)                 He decided what each ward member should pay.

B)                 He asked each ward member what they thought would be a fair tithe.

C)                 Ten percent of each ward’s members increase.

D)                 The members of his ward were too poor to pay so he waived tithing.

Yesterday’s answers:

1.                  (A) The Parents School

In 1850, the University of the State of Deseret (the forerunner to the University of Utah) was commonly known as the Parents School and was held in the parlor of John Packs home. Dr. Collins taught and tuition was eight dollars per quarter. Since money was scarce, food could be used to pay for school.

Spencer, Clarissa Young and Mable Harmer, Brigham Young at Home (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1947), 132.

2.                  (C) 13

I was very sick with chills and fever. I was immediately healed after being baptized and confirmed. I was thirteen years old in October before I taught school the next following summer. I had about 25 pupils. I learned them what was taught in common schools, the girls to knit and sew. This was in Missouri.

Autobiography of Caroline Frances Angell Davis Holbrook,

3.                  (C) 13 years

Susa Young Gates, daughter of Brigham Young, was attending the University of Deseret (the fore runner to the University of Utah) at the ripe old age of thirteen.

Carolyn w. D. Person, “Susa Young Gates,” in Bushman, ed., Mormon Sisters, 201-223; Rebecca Foster Cornwall, “Susa Y. Gates,” Burgess-Olsen ed., Sister Saints, 63-93.

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