Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Tidbits: The William Harrison Folsom Family

William Folsom
1.      Brigham Young was the master mind behind the Salt Lake Theater. He was the man of vision. However, how do you build a Theater out of nothing? Trust me, it took an equally as great master mind. That man was William Folsom. At an early age he showed amazing ability in construction. How old was he when his father put him in charge to supervise a crew of 500 men?

a.      21

b.      16

c.       19

d.      23

2.      William was actually left for dead during the Nauvoo persecutions. How did he almost die?

a.      Hanged

b.      Whipped

c.       Drowned

d.      Shot


Yesterday’s answer:

(B)   Paul

  Elder Wilford Woodruff was a part of another of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s healing miracles: “After healing the sick in Montrose, all the company followed Joseph to the bank of the river, where he was going to take the boat to return home,” B. H. Roberts explained. “While waiting for the boat a man from the west, who had seen that the sick and dying were healed, asked Joseph if he would not go to his house and heal two of his children, who were very sick. They were twins and were three months old. Joseph told the man he could not go, but he would send someone to heal them. He told Elder Woodruff to go with the man and heal his children. At the same time he took from his pocket a bandana handkerchief, and gave it to Brother Woodruff, telling him to wipe the faces of the children with it and they should be healed; and remarked at the same time; ‘As long as you keep that handkerchief it shall remain a league between you and me.’ Elder Woodruff did as he was commanded, and the children were healed, and he keeps the handkerchief to this day.”

In New Testament times the Apostle Paul also gave “handkerchiefs or aprons” to disciples to bless the sick “and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them” (Acts 19:12).

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