Monday, April 7, 2014

The Exuberance of Youth

When 11-year old Christopher Alston entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1864, he excitedly stated he was given what?

a.      Shoes

b.      Pants

c.       Peaches

d.      A cabin with a good roof

Yesterday’s answer:

d.   “Neither do I”

When the Saints were about to settle in Commerce, Ill., and though received with open arms by the good people of Illinois, Apostle Kimball looked upon the beautiful site and said sorrowfully, “This is a beautiful place, but not a long resting place for the Saints.” Sidney Rigdon was vexed at the prediction, but its fulfillment is too well known to need repeating here. When hard times pressed the Saints in Salt Lake City, and a thousand miles separated them from commercial points, President Kimball stood up in the Tabernacle and prophesied that in less than six months clothing and other goods would be sold in the streets of Great Salt Lake City cheaper than they could be bought in New York. This astonished the people. One of his brethren said to him after meeting that he did not believe it. “Neither did I,” said Brother Kimball, “but I said it. It will have to go.” No one saw the possibility of its verification. Six months, however, had not passed away when large companies of emigrants, burning with the gold fever from the East, came into the city, and becoming eager to reach the glittering gold fields of California, they sold their merchandise on the streets for a less price than the New York prices. They sold their large animals for pack animals, and thus more than literally fulfilled the remarkable prophecy of President Heber C. Kimball. These are but examples of many like predictions uttered by this great Apostle of the Lord. 

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901), 37. 

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