Wednesday, April 23, 2014

They Saw a Vision . . . Before They were Members

Heber C. Kimball and John P. Greene saw a vision of an army marching across the night sky on what occasion?

a.      The day the Church was organized

b.      The day the Relief Society was organized

c.       The day that Joseph Smith received the 1st vision

d.      The day Joseph Smith received the plates from the angel Moroni

Yesterday’s answer:

(A) Heavenly

1846, January 4. Since the death of Joseph and Hyrum, the building of the [Nauvoo] temple has gone on rapidly and contrary to the expectation and prophecy of Sidney Rigdon and others. The roof has been put on, the spire put up and beautifully ornamented. The temple is indeed a noble structure, and I suppose the architects of our day know not of what order to call it, Gothic, Doric, Corinthian or what. I call it heavenly.

Joseph Fielding, Diary (1843-1846), Church Archives in "They Might Have Known That He Was Not a Fallen Prophet"--The Nauvoo Journal of Joseph Fielding," transcribed and edited by Andrew F. Ehat, BYU Studies 19 (Winter 1979).

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