Thursday, May 1, 2014

Eating His Words

Robert Gardner states that his mother was baptized during the winter of 1845. His mother was sick at the time and a hole had to be chopped in the ice so the baptism could be performed. One non-member spectator said he would do what if she lived to see the next day?

A)                 Come over for a visit

B)                 Invite the family over for dinner

C)                 Give Brother Gardner his best horse

D)                 Join the Church

Yesterday’s answer:

(A) The temple

Many people are familiar with the practice of people being “adopted” to the General Authorities in the early Church.  What might not be common knowledge is where this practice took place, although it makes sense. The following from L. John Nuttall’s journal:

     “The first adoptions in the temple this day.  Prest. B. Young gave the form of service, which I wrote. Bro. W. H. Folsom and wife adopted to Prest. B. Young.  Also Billings Carter and Betsey Lou Carter adopted to Prest. B. Young.”

L. John Nuttall Diary Excerpts, (Salt Lake City; Pioneer Press, 1994), 22.

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