Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Tidbits—LDS Firsts

1.                  Who developed the first Egyptian grammar book in America?

A)                 Professor Charles Anthon

B)                 Joseph Smith

C)                 Orson Hyde

D)                 John Murdock


2.                  Who became California’s first millionaire?

A)                 Levi Hancock

B)                 Willard Richards

C)                 Samuel Brannan

D)                 Samuel Chambers


3.                  Where was the first mercantile store set up in Salt Lake City?

A)                 At Sugarhouse

B)                 In the same house were the Parent School (forerunner to the University of Utah) was located

C)                 The Lion House

D)                 At the Tithing Yards across from the Salt Lake Temple


4.                  Daniel Garn, who was Utah’s first Territorial Prison Warden, was what previous to this?

A)                 A teacher

B)                 A lawyer

C)                 A General Authority

D)                 A prisoner


5.                  What was the first world record event set by a Latter-day Saint?

A)                 High Jumping

B)                 The number of children in a family

C)                 The marathon

D)                 The longest beard


6.                  What running event did the first Latter-day Saint set a world record?

A)                 The 5,000

B)                 The 220

C)                 The marathon

D)                 The 100


Yesterday’s answer:

(C) In all nations of the world

Bryant (Hinckley) had been promised in a patriarchal blessing almost fifteen years earlier: “You shall not only become great yourself but your posterity will become great, from your loins shall come forth statesmen, prophets, priests and Kings to the most High God. The Priesthood will never depart from your family, no never. To your posterity there shall be no end . . . and the name of Hinckley shall be honored in every nation under heaven.”

     The day Bryant and Ada rejoiced in the arrival of their first son, they couldn’t have foreseen that he would in great measure fulfill that prophecy. Born on June 23, 1910, and given his mother’s maiden name, he would be known as Gordon Bitner Hinckley.

Sheri Dew, Go Forward With Faith (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1996), 22.


Now for President Hinckley’s Patriarchal Blessing.  Could he have known at eleven years of age, when he received this blessing, that he would someday be a Prophet in the Lord’s Church? His fathers and his own blessing certainly point that direction.

     While on board ship, (on the way to his mission in England) Elder Hinckley pulled out the patriarchal blessing he had received at age eleven from patriarch Thomas E. Callister. He couldn’t remember having read it since the day the patriarch had come to the Hinckley home and pronounced blessings upon him and several of his brothers and sisters, but now he was interested in reviewing those promises made a dozen years earlier. “Thou shalt grow to the full stature of manhood and shall become a mighty and valiant leader in the midst of Israel,” the patriarch had promised. “the Holy Priesthood shall be thine to enjoy and thou shalt minister in the midst of Israel as only those can who are called of God. Thou shalt ever be a messenger of peace; the nations of the earth shall hear thy voice and be brought to a knowledge of the truth by the wonderful testimony which thou shalt bear”.

Sheri L. Dew, Go Forward With Faith (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1996), 60.


Additional interesting information:


   A patriarchal blessing given to Nanny Longstroth in Nauvoo by John Smith, uncle of the Prophet, was fulfilled in her lifetime and later: “. . .thou shalt be a mother in Israel—prophets, seers, and revelators shall proceed forth from thee, and thy name shall be had in honorable remembrance in the House of Israel.” (She was the wife of two apostles—Willard and Franklin D.; mother of one apostle—George Franklin Richards; and grandmother of two apostles—Stephen L. Richards and LeGrand Richards. Her grandson, Stayner Richards, was an Assistant to the Twelve. Among her posterity are and have been numerous missionaries, mission presidents, and Church leaders.)

 “Pioneers of Faith, Courage, and Endurance.” Chronicles of Courage: Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City: Utah Printing Company, 1991), 2:91-92.

Accordingly to the journal of Lorenzo Hill Hatch, he had received four patriarchal blessings and his wife, Sylvia, two.

Autobiography of Lorenzo Hill Hatch, Typescript, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University.


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