Friday, May 2, 2014

Taking it to the Next Level

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What did one member of the Church resort to who no longer wanted to participate in the Law of Consecration in Missouri during 1833?

A)                 He took all that he thought belonged to him and left the Church

B)                 He sued the Church in a Missouri courtroom

C)                 He convinced Joseph Smith to send him on a mission so that he did not have to participate

D)                 He reported to Governor Dunklin that he had been kidnapped against his will

Yesterday’s answer:

(D) Join the Church

The following is related by Robert Gardner Jr., about the winter of 1845:

   “I had no trouble in believing the Book of Mormon for I had a burning testimony in my bosom every time I took the book. It was so plain to me I thought I had nothing to do but run and tell my neighbors and they would believe it all. Mother was a Methodist but never fought against the gospel but believed it right along after awhile she was taken very sick not expected to live. She wished to be baptized. Our neighbors said if you put her in the water we will have you tried for murder for she will surely die. But we put her on a sled and took her two miles through the snow and then cut a hole in the ice and baptized her in the presence of those who came to see her die. One man declared if she did not [die] that night he would be a Mormon next day. The next day he met her going to her daughter's; she was on foot. He gazed at her as if he had seen a ghost. He gave her the road but never spoke nor never joined the church.”

Autobiography of Robert Gardner Jr., Typescript, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University;

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