Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Little Irony

History is never predictable and at times a little strange. For instance, all are familiar with Lilburn W. Boggs infamous extermination order. However, as strange as it might be, he was always two days ahead of Brigham Young on the Mormon Trail on his way to California. History gets a little stranger with this next story. According to John Lowe Butler, why did one of the mob, which was part of the Missouri militia, on the outskirts of Far West stay the night in a Far West LDS home during the siege of Far West?


A)                 The militia camp cook made horrible food

B)                 It was too cold to stay out of doors

C)                 He did not have an issue with the Mormons and wanted to stay at an LDS friend’s house

D)                 He forgot his rifle cleaning equipment at home and he knew he could buy a kit in Far West

Yesterday’s answer:


It has been said that only men were killed at Haun’s Mill. According to John P. Greene, at least one female also died.

“Miss Mary Stedwell while fleeing was shot through the hand, and fainting, fell over a log, into which they shot upwards of twenty balls.”

“Facts Relative to the Expulsion of the Mormons or Latter-day Saints, From the State of Missouri, Under the Exterminating Order,’” John P. Greene (Cincinnati: R. P. Brooks, 1839).

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