Thursday, June 26, 2014

Becoming a Mighty People in the Midst of the Rocky Mountains

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Salt Lake City, Utah in the early days
During Joseph Smith’s vision of the Saints becoming a mighty people in the Rocky Mountains, what were two items that caught his notice?

A)                 The Salt Lake Temple and the current 28 floor Church Office Building.

B)                 The University of Utah and Brigham Young University.

C)                 The Church History Museum and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

D)                 The snowcapped mountains and the cool refreshing streams.

Yesterday’s answer:

(C)  Poverty Flat’s

In the Fall of 1872, William Lewis Allen and his brother John Rial Lewis and friend Asa Dee Smith, moved their families north to become some of the first homesteaders of Lewiston, Utah. Lewiston’s early nickname was Poverty Flats because those pioneers really had to work hard to make a living.

Peace Like A River, The Historical and Spiritual Journey of The Isaac M. Stewart Family, Compiled and Edited By David H. Epperson (Salt Lake City, 2007), 121.

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