Saturday, June 7, 2014

Determining the Riddle

On Joseph Smith’s tutorial with the Angel Moroni September 22, 1826 he was told that he could take possession of the plates the next year if he brought what?

A)                 If he brought the right person

B)                 If he brought a container to carry the plates

C)                 If he brought lunch because the next visit would last most of the day

D)                 If he brought a humble and contrite spirit

Yesterday’s answer:

(A) Held evening worship services and prayer

The following from the journal of William Draper

   “I will here relate a short conversation that took place between a little boy about twelve years old by the name of Buduas Dustin and a Methodist preacher; and captain of a company and chaplain for the army by the name of [Samuel] Bogard, which took place as follows:

   “One evening when the little boy was present the army was called to order to attend evening services and a solemn prayer and thanks to their unknown God for the glorious works that he was permitting and assisting them to perform, and when the prayer was finished the boy stood as if in deep meditation and said, ‘Mr. Bogard can I ask you one question?’ ‘Yes boy’, was the answer, and the boy proceeded by saying, ‘Mr. Bogard, sir, which way do you think is right for a person to have their eyes closed or open when they pray?’ Well my boy I suppose either would be acceptable if done in humility but it looks more humiliating to have our eyes closed against the transitory objects around us and from the world.’ ‘Well,’ said the boy, ‘I think if I was engaged in such a work as you are I should want my eyes open.’ ‘Why my boy,’ was the inquiry. ‘Because I should fear the devil would carry me off if they were shut.’

   “They then threatened his life for a young Mormon; but he said, ‘I am no Mormon,’ and he was not and so he escaped but subsequently joined the church.”

Autobiography of William Draper, Typescript, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University;

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