Friday, June 13, 2014

It Also Went Missing

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Joseph Smith giving the first 116 page manuscript to Martin Harris
Not only were the 116 pages lost by Martin Harris, but what other document went missing?

A)                 The Lectures of Faith

B)                 The revelation on the Word of Wisdom

C)                 History of the Church

D)                 The original manuscript of the Book of Mormon

Yesterday’s answer:

(A) 1845

The following from the journal of Warren Foote dated April 7, 1845:

   “7th. I took a severe cold yesterday and the wind blows very cold this morning, but I thought that I would attend conference which I did in the forenoon but I had to go to bed in the afternoon with a severe pain in my side. Brigham Young said today, ‘From henceforth let this place [Nauvoo] be called the City of Joseph.’ The congregation today was estimated at 20,000.”

Autobiography of Warren Foote, Typescript, HBLL; htpp://

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