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More About Haun’s Mill

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Haun's Mill
True or False; Only males died at Haun’s Mill

Yesterday’s answer:

(A) Brigham Young

The following is related by Wilford Woodruff:

   “On May 6th, I met with the Seventies, and we ordained sixty men into the quorums of Elders and Seventies. Brother Joseph met with the Twelve, Bishops and Elders, at Bishop Partridge’s house; and there were a number with us who were wounded at Haun’s Mill. Among them was Isaac Laney, who had been in company with about twenty others, at the mill, when a large armed mob fired among them with rifles and other weapons, and shot down seventeen of the brethren, and wounded more. Brother Laney fled from the scene, but they poured a shower of lead after him, which pierced his body through and through. He showed me eleven bullet holes in his body. There were twenty-seven in his shirt, seven in his pantaloons, and his coat was literally cut to pieces. One ball entered one arm-pit and came out at the other.

   Another entered his back and came out at the breast. A ball passed through each hip, each leg and each arm. All these shots were received while he was running for life, and, strange as it may appear, thought he had also one of his ribs broken, he was able to outrun his enemies, and his life was saved. We can only acknowledge this deliverance to be by the power and mercy of God.

   “President Brigham Young was also among the number. He also fled, and although the balls flew around him like hail he was not wounded. How mysterious are the ways of the Lord!”

Leaves of My Journal, Preston Nibley comp., (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1988), 74.

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