Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Not all Died at the Massacre

Haun’s Mill is one of the ugliest events in Church history, right behind Carthage and next to the Mountain Meadow Massacre. The sad part is, it didn’t have to happen. If Brother Haun would have listened to the Prophet and came to the safety of Far West, none of this would have ever happened. However, not all males died. We’re familiar with the story of little Alma L. Smith and how he had his entire hip blown off, but through inspiration his mother knew what she had to do to heal him. It was this same Alma L. Smith who many years later would be called to serve a mission to Hawaii along with other Elders. One of the Apostles was serving with this group, and through the same inspiration which Alma's mother received to save his life, he was flooded with the same inspiration to save the life of Lorenzo Snow. I mean, who ever heard of mouth to mouth resuscitation at this time. No one. And yet this was what Alma L. Smith was inspired to do to save the life of a drowned Apostle. Anyways, I’m off the topic. Accordingly to Wilford Woodruff which Prophet of the Church was at Haun’s Mill at the time of the massacre?

A)                 Brigham Young

B)                 Joseph Smith

C)                 John Taylor

D)                 Wilford Woodruff


Yesterday’s answer:

(C) Daughter of Zion

A Dr. Sampson Avard organized the Danites. This group of avenger’s purpose was to plunder and murder the enemies of the Church in Missouri. The original name of this group of outlaws was “The Daughter of Zion.” When this was discovered by the Prophet Joseph Smith he cut Dr. Avard off from the Church.

Berrett, William Edwin, The Restored Church (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1973), 146.

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