Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Tidbits—More LDS Firsts

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1.                  Who was the individual that first suggested the blue and white colors of the Brigham Young Academy?

A)                 Karl G. Maeser (The first academy principle)

B)                 Brigham Young

C)                 Benjamin Cluff Jr. (The second academy principle and the first president of Brigham Young University)

D)                 Brigham Young Jr.

2.                  The first foreign language newspaper printed in the Salt Lake Valley in 1873 was printed in what languages?

A)                 Native American (Ute and Shoshoni)

B)                 Welsh and Icelandic

C)                 Danish and Norwegian

D)                 Polynesian and Samoan

3.                  True or False; Joseph Smith Sr., the first patriarch in this dispensation provided the first patriarchal blessing?

4.                  What was the first history book of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

A)                 “History of the Church,” by various scribes and Church historians

B)                 “The William Clayton Journal”

C)                 “Book of John Whitmer”

D)                 “Leaves of my Journal,” by Wilford Woodruff

5.                  Who was the first president of the Higher or Melchezidek priesthood?

A)                 Adam

B)                 Jesus Christ

C)                 Joseph Smith

D)                 Melchezidek

6.                  What year was Salt Lake City’s first day care established?

A)                 1847

B)                 1917

C)                 1941

D)                 1888

Yesterday’s answer:

(C) The laying of the capstone on the Nauvoo Temple.

At 6:00 in the morning of Saturday, May 24, the twelve and other Church leaders met at the Temple site with great secrecy to lay the capstone. Despite the supposed secrecy of the occasion, several thousand saints quickly gathered and at precisely 6:22a.m. the capstone was pronounced set and Brigham Young uttered the prayer. This prayer suggested the importance of the temple endowment ceremonies which the Mormons could not conduct until the building was completed, and is conscious of the risk that they would be driven out of Nauvoo before that time. He stated, “The last stone is now laid upon the temple, and I pray the Almighty in the name of Jesus to defend us in this place and sustain us until the temple is finished and we have all got our endowments.” John Taylor noted in his journal that the audience at the temple site included several officers watching for us to take us but the leaders escaped by leaving abruptly during the closing song. As the temple crowd disbursed in Nauvoo a few minutes before 7:00, the courthouse crowd was just assembling in Carthage, some fifteen miles across the prairie to the southeast, to attend the trial of the indicted murderers of Joseph Smith.

Peace Like A River, The Historical and Spiritual Journey of The Isaac M. Stewart Family, Compiled and Edited By David H. Epperson (Salt Lake City, 2007), 28.

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