Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lectures on Faith

As a study resource for the School of the Elders in Kirtland in 1834-35, Joseph Smith prepared seven lessons known as the “Lectures on Faith.” These lectures were not considered revelation, however, were included in all Doctrine and Covenant editions from 1835 to their eventual removal in 1921 (Cedar Fort Publishing has since reprinted these lectures in a small booklet and can be purchased through them). Why were the “Lectures on Faith” removed from the Doctrine and Covenants?
a.                  Errors were found in them
b.                  It was old information that did not fit current needs
c.                   The members were placing the same importance in them as the other revelations in the D&C
d.                  They occupied too much space, thus increasing printing cost
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)     Peter
The following is in reference to one of the many spiritual manifestations during the dedication of the Kirtland Temple.
   The hall was filled at an early hour in the afternoon, I being present among the rest. The dedicatory prayer was offered, Sidney Rigdon being mouth. When about midway during the prayer, there was a glorious sensation passed through the house; and we, having our heads bowed in prayer, felt a sensation very elevating to the soul. At the close of the prayer, F. [Frederick] G. Williams being in the upper east stand—Joseph being in the speaking stand next below—rose and testified that midway during the prayer an holy angel came and seated himself in the stand. When the afternoon meeting assembled, Joseph, feeling very much elated, arose the first thing and said the personage who had appeared in the morning was the Angel Peter come to accept the dedication.

The autobiography of Truman O. Angell, http://www.boap.org/

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