Monday, July 21, 2014

Pioneer Day Week

Thursday of this week Pioneer Day will be celebrated. Generally speaking, this has mostly been celebrated by the Primary Association throughout the world, however, here in Utah, it’s celebrated by all. Prior to moving to Utah, I can remember only one such celebration. It was while I was in primary. My mom sent the picture of me dressed up in western garb on the lawn directly west of the Bow Valley Chapel in Calgary, Alberta. I’m flanked on either side by my older and younger sister in their pioneer bonnets. To be honest, I really didn’t want to be there. First, I wasn’t a fan of anything dealing with primary, and secondly, they were installing new playground equipment at the park across the street from our home. I was dying to get back home and test drive all the new equipment. Anyways, for the next four days, Thursday included, we will center the attention of this blog to Pioneer Day.

The Saints entered the Valley in 1847, when was the first actual celebration?

a.      1861

b.      1847

c.       1849

d.      1851

Yesterday’s answer:

d.   He’s gone to heaven and I’m sending him his dinner

One of the prophets close associates was a youth named Charles Stoddard. In the days when Joseph was in hiding, Joseph trusted Charles completely to send him such things as his mail and other correspondence. One day, a man was in Nauvoo seeking the prophet. This individual happened to notice Charles getting ready to fly a kite with some of his friends, when he asked Charles where the prophet could be found. Not really trusting the man’s motive, Charles said:  “He went to heaven on Hyrum’s white horse and we are fixing this kite to send his dinner to him.”

N.B. Lundwall, The Fate of the Persecutors of the Prophet Joseph Smith (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1952.), 80.

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