Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Tidbits—Dreams

1.      A member of the ill-fated Martin Handcart Company told the others that he dreamed the rescue wagons would come after they heard what?

a.      Angels singing from heaven

b.      A gun shot

c.       Stampeding Buffalo

d.      Indian war cries

2.      Who did Wilford Woodruff see many times in dreams?

a.      Brigham Young

b.      George Washington

c.       Joseph Smith

d.      Oliver Cowdery

3.      Preacher, James Fielding, brother of Joseph Fielding, said his parishioners saw dreams of what?

a.      The Mormon Elders coming

b.      The Gold Bible

c.       Joseph Smith

d.      The Kirtland Temple

4.      Lenora Cannon, wife of John Taylor, dreamed what while living in Britain, and before meeting John Taylor?

a.      Sailing to North America

b.      The Salt Lake Temple

c.       The Nauvoo Temple

d.      John Taylor converting her

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      Swinging a lady more than once against her wishes

The following are rules drawn up and accepted in a stake priesthood meeting by a unanimous vote on January 3, 1880. Rules for dancing assemblies in the Bear Lake Stake of Zion were as follows:

1st: Our dances shall be conducted under the dictation of the bishop, who will be held responsible for the manner in which dances are conducted in our respective wards.

2nd: Our dances shall be commenced and closed with prayer and shall not be continued later than twelve o’clock.

3rd: We will not practice waltzes or any other round dances in our assemblies.

4th: Persons dancing out of turn shall be considered violators of good order and may be requested to retire and, if persistent, may be ejected.

5th: We will not use liquor in our assemblies nor suffer any person inebriated to participate in the dances.

6th: Swinging with one arm around the lady’s waist shall not be permitted in our assemblies.

7th: To swing a lady more than once against her will shall be considered ungentlemanly. To swing more than twice under any circumstances shall be considered disorderly and, if persisted in, the offender may be requested to retire and if necessary may be ejected by force.

8th: Club dances or dances gotten up to make money will not be countenanced unless specially ordered by the presidency or bishops.

Bonnie Thompson, Folklore in Bear Lake Valley (Granite Publishing Company; Salt Lake City, Utah) 63, 69-70.


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