Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Blessings of the Old Prophets

Heber C. Kimball and Joseph Fielding in England

While serving a mission in England, Heber C. Kimball entered the town of Chadburn. What was he able to do that the ministers in the area were not able to accomplish for the previous 30 years?

a.      Baptize

b.      Marry

c.       Heal the sick

d.      Interpret tongues

Yesterday’s answer:

C.   That he would serve a mission

One day Alexander (Brother Freeman’s son) became very sick. Medicine, visits to the doctor, and tender loving care didn’t seem to help, so we finally contacted a Mormon bishop we knew and asked that he administer to Alexander.

   The bishop began the blessing in the usual way, but about half-way through the blessing he paused, and with some hesitation, continued on: “Alexander, you will regain your health and strength and will one day serve a mission for the Church.”

   My heart nearly stopped! How could that be? Alexander obviously had me for a father, and I was obviously darker than those who were allowed to hold the priesthood-a necessary requirement for being called on a mission. I don’t think I heard another word of the blessing, and Toe (Brother Freeman’s wife) was even more excited.

   The bishop had scarcely said “Amen” before Toe was asking him what he had meant. After being bombarded with a

series of questions, his only explanation was, “I don’t know why I said it, except that I felt inspired to.”

Joseph Freeman, In the Lord’s Due Time, (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1979), pg. 96-97.

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