Saturday, August 23, 2014

Early Salt Lake Valley Dating

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During the winter time, if a young man wanted to impress a young lady, he would take her sleigh riding and provide what as a treat?

a.      Oranges

b.      Asparagus and white sugar

c.       Brown sugar and carrots

d.      Beets and hot cider

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      Who to fill the vacancy in the Quorum of the Twelve created by the death of President Joseph F. Smith

The death of President Joseph F. Smith and the reorganization of the First Presidency had left a vacancy in the Quorum of the Twelve. Many of the Apostles thought President Grant would call his good friend and faithful Church member Richard W. Young to that position. President Grant intended, with the consent of his two counselors, to call Richard W. Young to the apostleship. He began to reflect and pray about the vacancy. When the First Presidency met with the Quorum of the Twelve, President Grant reached into his pocket and pulled out a slip of paper with Richard W. Young’s name written on it, fully intending to present it for approval. Instead, he found himself saying that the Lord wanted Melvin J. Ballard, the Northwestern States mission president, to fill the vacancy in the Quorum of the Twelve. President Grant later testified that he learned from this experience that the Lord does indeed inspire the president of the Church.

Francis M. Gibbons, Heber J. Grant: Man of Steel, Prophet of God (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1979), 174-76.

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