Monday, August 25, 2014

Penning their Names into History

Image result for scribe during book of mormon translation
Depiction of Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon
Which individual was not a scribe for the Prophet Joseph Smith during the Book of Mormon translation?

a.      Emma Smith

b.      Samuel Smith

c.       Oliver Cowdery

d.      Rueben Hale

Yesterday’s answer:

e.   All of the above

In the early days of Salt Lake City, sacrament behavior was a particular problem. Church leaders complained that dirty children drank from the common cup, while some fathers failed to remove their hats or, worse, slept. The men who blessed the Lord’s Supper (they sometimes stood rather than knelt), offered prayers that might only slightly resemble their scriptural models. Moreover, when partaking of the water some drank too deeply, quenching a physical instead of a spiritual thirst.

Minutes of the Bishops’ Meetings, 7 April 1857, 15 June 1865, 30 April 1868, 2 September 1869, and 17 March 1870, Presiding Bishopric Papers.

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