Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pioneer Medicine

William Clayton states that he wasn’t feeling well while on the trek west one particular day. What did he do in the evening to try and get better?

a.      Wrestle and exercise

b.      Take plenty of vitamins and orange juice

c.       Go to bed early

d.      Sing “Come, Come Ye Saints”

Yesterday’s answer:

D   All of the above

I’m sure most know that when the Saints entered the valley they were rebaptized.  What I find amazing, and did not know, was that the Apostles were reordained.

August 6, 1847: The Twelve Apostles in the valley are rebaptized, reconfirmed, reordained and have all their blessings resealed upon them.

Wilford Woodruff’s Journal Excerpts (Genola, Utah: Pioneer Publishing), 43.

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