Monday, August 18, 2014

Sent to Uncle Sam’s Boarding House

From 1862 to 1882, how many arrest were made for cohabitation (polygamy)?

a.      2500

b.      2100

c.       10

d.      1200

Yesterday’s answer:

a.                    Wrestle and exercise

April 1, 1846. Wednesday: . . . Mother [] was very sick and could not bear to ride. She walked all the way. I felt very unwell myself having much pain in my limbs. The roads were bad, but we arrived in camp about 2 o’clock and got on good ground. After getting our tents fixed fires made &c I went to wrestling, jumping &c to try to get well. I over-exerted myself without any symptoms of perspiration and was so sick after I had to go to bed.

An Intimate Chronicle: The Journal of William Clayton, George D. Smith, ed. (Salt Lake City, Signature Books, 1995)


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