Friday, August 1, 2014

The Godbeites

William Godbe, the leader of the Godbeites
The Godbeites were members of the Church in Utah during the Brigham Young years that persecuted the members of the very Church they belonged to. In an effort to bring these individuals back into the fold, what did the Church do as a show of fellowship?

a.                  Called them as bishops

b.                  Called them on missions

c.                   Exempted them from paying tithing

d.                  Invited them to a Church sponsored barbeque

Yesterday’s answer:

a.                  That Joseph Smith killed a number of individuals at the Battle of Crooked River

Not all who came to see the Mormon prisoners were friendly. Some came to taunt, jeer, and accuse. Alexander McRae said some were angry with Joseph and accused him of killing a son, a brother, or some relative at Crooked River, which seemed strange to him since the Missourians had reported only one man killed there.

McRae, “Incidents,” Deseret News 4 (2 November 1854): 1.

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