Sunday, August 3, 2014

Three Men in David Whitmer’s Field . . .hmmm? Maybe the Three Nephites? I Wonder . . .

What were three men, men that the family didn't recognize, doing in David Whitmer’s field?

a.                  Digging for gold plates

b.                  Spreading plaster

c.                   Hiding gold plates

d.                  Sun tanning

Yesterday’s answer:

(D)   Brigham Young

“Suppose I should appoint a meeting for tonight,” President Young complained in 1851, “about a dozen [members] would come, [and] without any candles.” Social activity brought a different response. “If I were to say-level this stand for the band that we may have a dance, they would bring the stoves from their wives’ bedsides, and would dance all night, and the house would be filled to overflowing.” Such behavior had Young alternating between wanting to “cuff every elders ears” to weeping “over their follies.”

Deseret News, 11 January 1851, reporting a sermon of 29 December 1850.

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