Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unsuccessful Success

Samuel Smith

It’s been said that Samuel Smith served the first mission of the Church shortly after the Church was organized. He had a hard time convincing people to lighten his load by buying the Books of Mormon he was packing. The one book that he was finally able to loan to the home of John Greene, Samuel tried to recover on how many different occasions?

a.      5

b.      3

c.       6

d.      2

Yesterday’s answer:

c.   Latter-day Saints

The success rate of Latter-day Saint voyages was also well known among non-Mormon sea captains, and most of them appreciated and admired their Mormon “cargo.” For example, in 1872, on board the Minnesota, Captain J. Morgan comforted a frightened eleven-year-old Latter-day Saint girl and other passengers at the time of a raging storm. Mary Ellison (Vincent) wrote: “During the worst of the storm, the dear old captain told us to be of good cheer for he always felt assured he would be safe if he had Mormon emigrants on board.”

Susan Arrington Madsen and Fred E. Woods, I Sailed To Zion (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 2000), 7.

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