Thursday, September 18, 2014

Joining Forces with the Saints

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According to the journal of William Clayton, which Indian tribe was willing to go west with the Saints?

a.      Utes

b.      Sioux

c.       Seneca

d.      Cherokee

Yesterday’s answer:

c.   Captain Fear-not

   Shortly after the Mormon troops came from Davies [Daviess], they received news that a company was gathered on Crooked River, and that some of them had been to some houses on Log Creek, in Caldwell, and ordered off the families, with severe threats if they were not off by sunrise the next morning. They took away their arms, and it was said, also burnt a wagon and a house, and took three men prisoners. On receiving this news, a company was fitted out to disperse them. Captain Fear-not (David W. Patten) commanded them.

John Corrill, A Brief History of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints (Commonly Called Mormons, Including an Account of their Doctrine and Discipline, with the Reasons of the Author for Leaving the Church) (St. Louis, n.p., 1839)

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