Sunday, September 28, 2014

“My Gloomy and Desponding Moments"

Eliza Dana Gibbs

What did pioneer Eliza Dana Gibbs state cheered her in her “Gloomy and Desponding moments?”

a.      Ice cream

b.      Prayer

c.       Reading the Scriptures

d.      The thought of death

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      They would see the world sink to perdition rather than walk through mud like he had

The following from Wilford Woodruff:

On the 27th of March, I arrived at Memphis, weary and hungry. I went to the best tavern in the place, kept by Mr. Josiah Jackson. I told him I was a stranger, and had no money. I asked him if he would keep me over night.

He inquired of me what my business was.

I told him I was a preacher of the gospel.

He laughed and said that I did not look much like a preacher.

I did not blame him, as all the preachers he had ever been acquainted with rode on fine horses or in fine carriages, clothed in broadcloth, and had large salaries, and would see this whole world sink to perdition before they would wade through one hundred and seventy miles of mud to save the people.

The Leaves From My Journal, Preston Nibley, comp.,(Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1988), 22.

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