Sunday, September 7, 2014

We Can’t Seem to Get Past the Nicknames

Utah Central Railroad

Everyone in the Church realizes that we are best known by our nickname, the Mormons. I can understand though. Our eldest son is a huge hockey fan. Makes sense since he was born and partially raised in Canada that he would be this way. His favorite hockey player as a kid was John Vanbiesbrouck, goaltender for the New York Rangers and then the expansion Florida Panthers. John’s nickname was Beezer. So guess what? Everyone called our son Beezer. In fact, an award was named after him and still presented to this day, The Beezer Award given to the Provo High baseball player showing the most heart. One day my wife had to go to Provo High School to track down our son. She asked a number of students in the hallway if they knew where James Barker was. No one knew who she was talking about, then the thought struck to use his nick name. She had no problem locating him after that. I’ve gotten side tracked. The Utah Central Railroad was formed in Utah. What was this railroad's nick named?

a.      The Mormon Railroad

b.      Brigham’s Railroad

c.       The Saints Railroad

d.      The Book of Mormon Railroad  

Yesterday’s answer:


President Abraham Lincoln had a special request of President Brigham Young during the Civil War, what was it?

This in reference to Gordon B. Hinckley’s grandfather, Ira Hinckley: At least twice Ira left his family to make trips back over the plains to help others. One of those times was in 1862 when, at the request of Brigham Young-who had received orders from President Abraham Lincoln to equip a Utah volunteer cavalry to guard mail and telegraph lines during the Civil War-he enlisted in the United States Army.

Sheri Dew, Go Forward with Faith, The Biography of Gordon B.Hinckley (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company), 1996,11-12

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