Monday, September 1, 2014


While on a mission to England, William Clayton recorded in his journal on February 24, 1840 that he advised the Saints to do what?

a.      Give up the practice of kissing

b.      Give up smoking

c.       Give up exercising

d.      Give up lunch

Yesterday’s answer:

d.   The prophet was in hiding

I remember delivering a cap to the Smith home, that mother had made. At the time the Prophet was in hiding and had just returned home for a change of clothing. He called me in and took me on his lap and blessed me and told me not to tell a soul that he was there or that I had seen him. I ran home as fast as I could so I wouldn’t see anyone. I would have had my tongue torn out, rather than tell anyone. I played with the Prophet’s daughter Julia.

Used by permission from the family history of Jim Childs

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