Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coming Eyeball to Eyeball

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What was a young Joseph F. Smith doing when two natives captured him at Winter Quarters?

a.      Fishing

b.      Hunting

c.       Picking berries

d.      Herding cattle

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      An old bacon sack

The following from Melissa Jane Lambson Davis:   In the fall of 1854, when I was seven years old, I needed and wanted a new dress. During the winter of 1854-55 a company of surveyors and soldiers under the command of Col. Steptoe spent the winter here in Salt Lake City. Some of them rented part of Mother’s house. They had a harness shop; they also stored wheat in one of the rooms. The wheat swelled and cracked the walls. One day while I was playing in the yard, I found an old bacon sack and took it to my mother. She made some lye by soaking wood ashes; in this she soaked the sack to remove the grease. Then she got some weeds and made some dye in which she dyed the sack brown. From this she made the waist, and from a piece of blue denim she made the skirt, and I had a new dress. My, how proud I was of it.

Lesson Committee, Museum Memories (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 2009), 167.

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