Wednesday, October 15, 2014

February 14, 1853

Model of Pioneer Salt Lake City

What important event happened on the Temple grounds in Salt Lake City on this date?

a.      Brigham Young was sustained as President of the Church

b.      The dedication of the endowment house

c.       The consecration of the temple grounds

d.      The consecration of Salt Lake City

Yesterday’s answer:

c.   He paid their fine, gave them dinner, and a place to sleep

Mormon missionaries finally wandered into these hills (Eastern Tennessee) in 1892. They were not received well by the area’s citizenry, but Lee Arrington had a strong sense of justice. He was the squire (or justice of the peace), and he refused to sanction any mobbing or hanging. When the missionaries were arrested for disturbing the peace, he paid their five-dollar fine and took them to his home for both supper and a place to stay the night. The missionaries had vigorous discussions with the family, which Lee may have won because he was well acquainted with the Bible, probably more so than the young missionaries. The family enjoyed these discussions, and the missionaries stayed several days. Missionaries came the next year, and the next, each time staying with the Arrington’s. Finally, in 1896, over the objections of Lee, who did not want to offend his father and mother, Priscilla joined the Church. The next year, her sixteen-year-old daughter, Lee Anner, joined. Lee’s sister Betty and her husband, Anderson Cook, also joined, and they lobbied Lee to be more permissive.

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