Sunday, October 19, 2014

Increasing its Influence

During the early years of the Deseret News, a subscription was sent to who to increase its influence?

a.      The Queen of England

b.      Ex Missouri Gov. Boggs

c.       Ex Illinois Gov. Ford

d.      The President of the United States

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      Who is the head of your church in this area?

“At another time Elder Grant was challenged by a very eminent Baptist preacher, named Baldwin, to a discussion. Brother Grant consented. The place chosen was the fine, large church of his proud and imperious antagonist. Mr. Baldwin was described to me, as a man, overbearing in his manner—a regular browbeater. When the time came for the discussion, the house was densely crowded. Umpires were chosen, and everything was ready to proceed, when Brother Grant arose and said: ‘Mr. Baldwin, I would like to ask you a question before we proceed any farther.’ ‘Certainly so,’ said Mr. Baldwin. ‘Who stands at the head of your church in south-west Virginia?’ Mr. Baldwin very quickly and austerely replied, ‘I do, sir: I do.’ ‘All right,’ said Brother Grant; ‘I wished to know that I had a worthy foe.’ Mr. Baldwin looked a little confused for a moment, and then said; ‘Mr. Grant, I would like to ask you, who stands at the head of your church in south-west Virginia?’ Brother Grant arose and with bowed head replied, ‘Jesus Christ, sir.’ The shock was electrical. This inspired answer completely disarmed the proud foe, and he the humble servant of God again came off victor.”

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901), 58.

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