Thursday, October 9, 2014

It Functions Only in the Temple Today

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that many things have changed from the pioneer Church to how we do things today. To us it should be a testimony that revelation is alive and well and that change exists and that it’s important to embrace change. What one thing was practiced in the Ward houses in the pioneer church that we find only in the temple today?

a.      Progression from room to room during meetings

b.      The practice of the prayer circle

c.       Washing and anointing’s

d.      The receiving of a new name

Yesterday’s answer:

(B) General David R. Atchison

When the trouble with the mob commenced, Colonel Robinson took about one-half of the force to Adam-ondi-Ahman to defend that place. Joseph, Hyrum and Sidney also went with them, leaving me in command at Far West. The detachment returned in about four days.

   A few days afterwards Joseph Smith and I took a walk out upon the prairie, and in the course of our conversation I suggested to him to send for General [David R.] Atchison to defend him in the suit then brought against him, as he was in command of the third division of the militia of the State of Missouri, and was a lawyer and a friend to law. Joseph made no reply, but turned back immediately to Far West, and a man was selected, with the best horse to be found, to go to Liberty for General Atchison.

   The next day General Atchison came to Far West with a hundred men and camped a little north of the town.

   On consulting with Joseph Smith, Atchison told him that he did not want anyone to go with them to his trial, which was to take place midway between Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman. Joseph at first hesitated about agreeing to this, but Atchison reassured him by saying: "My life for yours!"

   When they arrived at the place of trial quite a number of the mob had gathered, and on seeing Joseph commenced to curse and swear. Atchison, however, checked them by saying: "Hold on boys, if you fire the first gun there will not be one of you left!"

   Joseph was cleared and came away unmolested. Soon afterwards the governor, thinking Atchison was too friendly towards the Saints, took his command from him and placed General [John B.] Clark in command of the militia.

   Shortly before Far West was besieged, I was taken sick, and Colonel [George M.] Hinkle came into military command under his old commission. I gave up my horse, saddle and bridle, and also my rifle and sword for Brother Lysander Gee to use in defense of our city. When General Clark's army came up against Far West, Colonel Hinkle betrayed the First Presidency of the Church into their hands for seven hundred and fifty dollars. Then Joseph and Hyrum [Smith], Sidney [Rigdon], and Lyman Wight were taken by the mob, who held a court-martial over them and sentenced them to be shot the next morning at eight o'clock on the public square. Lyman Wight told them to "shoot and be damned." Generals Atchison and [Alexander W.] Doniphan immediately rebelled against the decision, and Doniphan said, if men were to be murdered in cold blood, he would withdraw his troops, which he did. General Atchison then went to Liberty and gave a public dinner, and delivered a speech, in which he said, "If the governor does not restore my commission to me, I will kill him, so help me God!" On hearing this the audience became so enthusiastic that they took him upon their shoulders and carried him around the public square.

“Early Scenes in Church History, Four Faith Promoting Classics (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1968), 74-96.

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