Monday, October 20, 2014

Mormon Trail Funerals

My wife and I attended the funeral of a friend on Saturday. To the rest of the Christian world, they struggle to say goodbye, however, in the LDS faith, it really isn’t goodbye, but more, see you later. The funeral is a celebration of the individual’s life, and even though tears are shed, there seems to be more smiles as the family shares stories of their life. Today was no different. It helps today that there is time between the death and the funeral. However, on the trail west, there wasn’t this luxury. After traveling all day long on the trail west, it was noticed that a little girl was missing whose mother passed away the previous day. Where did the scouts from the company find the little girl?

a.      Lying on her mother’s grave

b.      Heading east to find her father

c.       Picking raspberries at the trails edge

d.      Crying at the last river they had crossed

Yesterday’s answer:

d.   The President of the United States

Maneuvering to increase its [Deseret News] influence, it sent complimentary annual subscriptions to the U.S. President, his entire cabinet, all territorial delegates, most members of the House of Representatives, and all but one of the Senators.

Monte Burr McLaws, Spokesman for the Kingdom (Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University Press, 1977) xv.

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