Friday, October 31, 2014

The Trade Off

The Saints, when they first entered the valley desired a printing press to use to help educate their children. This was high on the priority list, and even though there was a printing press in Winter Quarters ready to ship to Salt Lake City, Brigham Young’s list of priorities differed from the Saints. What did Brigham deem more important than the printing press?

a.      A baptismal font

b.      An Angel Moroni for the Salt Lake Temple

c.       People

d.      Books

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      Cast him out of the meeting

From this mission he returned to Kirtland Feb. 25, 1833. In the following March the Elders were sent out from Kirtland to preach the gospel and counsel the Saints to gather to Ohio. Elder Patten started with Reynolds Cahoon east, and on reaching Avon he preached at father Bosley’s, where a man was present who had disturbed several meetings and would not be civil or quiet. He had defied any man to put him out of the house, or make him be still. Bro. Patten felt stirred up in spirit and told the man to be quiet, or he certainly would put him out. The fellow said: “You can’t do it.” Elder Patten replied: “in the name of the Lord I will do it,” after which he walked up to him, and , seizing him with both hands, carried him to the door and threw him out about ten feet on to a pile of wood, which quieted him for the time being. From this circumstance the saying went out that David Patten had cast out one devil, soul and body.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901), 76-77.

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