Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Spirits Participating in the Hosanna Shout

At the Salt Lake Temple dedication on April 7, 1893, who did Wilford Woodruff say the Lord told him would participate on the other side of the veil during the Hosanna Shout?

a.      Nephi

b.      Joseph Smith

c.       Brigham Young

d.      John Taylor

e.      Those Saints who had died in this dispensation

f.        The Lord

g.      Heavenly Father

h.      The Nephites

i.        All of the above

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      Children

Granddad . . . was out working in the field one day and looked up, and two buck Indians had a little Indian girl they had stolen from another tribe, and they made him understand they wanted to trade the girl for some of Granddad’s prize heifers he had secured to help build his herd. Granddad hesitated, and they placed her head on a chopping block and indicated they would chop her head off unless Granddad gave them the heifers. To save her life, he went along with their request.

Nearly Everything Imaginable, Walker, Ronald W., Doris R. Dant ed., (Provo, Utah: BYU Press, 1999), 492.

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