Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Tidbits-Gold

1.                  The first gold seekers on their way to the California gold fields entered the Salt Lake Valley May 17, 1849. What day did President Heber C. Kimball prophesy that clothes could be bought cheaper in this valley than New York City?

A)                  February 1, 1846 just as the Saints were leaving Nauvoo

B)                  May 1, 1849 just 2 ½ weeks prior to the gold seekers entering the valley.

C)                  December 25, 1848 during Christmas day celebrations at the site of the old Bowery.

D)                  April 1849 general conference


2.                  What were the members of the Mormon Battalion building at the time gold was discovered in California?

A)                  Fort Sutter

B)                  A wheat mill

C)                  A LDS chapel

D)                  A sawmill


3.                   What’s the estimate number of individuals passing through Salt Lake City on their way to the California Gold Rush in 1849?

A)                  25,000 people

B)                  15,000 people

C)                  5,000 people

D)                  10,000 people


Yesterday’s answer:

a.      The Green Mountains of Vermont

Joseph Smith’s apologists wince unnecessarily at his early activities. Digging for money was neither uncommon nor disreputable. The Palmyra Herald on July 24, 1822, quoted the Montpelier (Vermont) Watchman as saying that “We could name, if we pleased, at least five hundred respectable men, who do, in the simplicity and sincerity of their hearts, verily believe that immense treasures lie concealed upon our green mountains; many of whom have been for a number of years, most industriously and perseveringly engaged in digging it up.”

William Mudler and A. Russell Mortensen, Among the Mormons (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1958), 33.

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