Monday, December 15, 2014

Bringing Seriousness to the Competition

I remember years ago as a young man that Church basketball was huge. It was taken very serious and was very competitive, maybe a little too competitive. Back in those years the All-Church tournament was flourishing and one of the years that I was a young man we were invited to the tournament (We didn’t go though because of the gas shortage. Funny, we’re still using gasoline today). Anyways, during the season volunteer refs were used, however, during the playoffs local High School refs called the games. To me, this brought a seriousness to the competition. About 1890 national judges were brought to the tabernacle to judge what?

a.      Singing

b.      Speech

c.       Debate

d.      Choir

Yesterday’s answer:

c.   Joseph Smith’s political platform in his run for the presidency of the United States

The following from the journal of John M. Horner:

   About this time, a convention was called for the purpose of making a nomination of someone for President of the United States. The Prophet was unanimously chosen and many delegates were appointed to electioneer in a number of states, to endeavor to elect the Prophet president. I was sent back to New Jersey; I ordered a thousand or so of the Prophet’s “Views of the Powers and Policies of the Government of the United States,” printed and took these with me. One night while speaking to a full house of attentive listeners, I invited all to speak who wished to, at the close of my lecture. One gentleman got up and said: “I have one reason to give why Joseph Smith can never be President of the United States: my paper, which I received from Philadelphia this afternoon said that he was murdered in Carthage jail, on June 27th.” Silence reigned: the gathering quietly dispersed; but the grief and sadness of this heart was beyond the power of man to estimate.

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