Monday, December 22, 2014

It’s That Time of Year!

It’s incredible to think that another Christmas is here. Time flies, but regardless, I love the season. I love watching the excitement of the grandkids and I love the time we spend together as a family during Christmas brunch. A lot of stories and much laughter is shared. I also enjoy sharing stories about “Christmas’s long, long ago.” The next week will be devoted to the Christmas season.

Early Church member, Emily Kling states she remembers her mom and her visiting who on Christmas?

a.      Brigham Young

b.      A gypsy

c.       The Indians

d.      Santa Claus

Yesterday’s answer:

c.   Wisconsin

In 1845, a bill was introduced that year in Congress called “An Act for the Relief of the People Called Mormons, or Latter Day Saints.” The bill set aside a tract of land twenty-four miles square “in the region known as the Pineries in the Territory of Huron” [Wisconsin] for Mormons only, known as the Mormon Reserve. Had this bill actually passed it would have been similar to the Indian Reservations of today, which would include the appointment of a Federal Superintendent. The Saints did not take their chances, they left for the freedom of the Rocky Mountains rather than placing their trust in Government, which had let them down time and again in previous years.

The Neighbor, February 26, 1845

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