Friday, December 19, 2014

Just a Spoon Full of . . .

In 1925, while in the LDS hospital in Salt Lake City, and while the doctors despaired for her life, Elmira Snow states that a spoon full of what saved her life?

a.      Medicine

b.      Consecrated oil

c.       Sugar

d.      Sacrament water

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      With humor

The Church paper answered theological inquiries from its subscribers, sometimes in a tone more humorous and scolding than profound. In a letter to Apostle Parley P. Pratt, Andrew Silver asked what caused the banishment of Satan from God, to which Pratt answered, “I either was not present at the banishment of Satan, or have forgotten the particulars. The probability is, that he wished to go to a warmer climate for his health.” To this the editor added, “Quite possibly he searched so deeply after the ‘mysteries’ of the kingdom, that he neglected his duties as many do at the present day.”

Monte Burr McLaws, Spokesman for the Kingdom (Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University Press, 1977), 59.

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