Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Losing Faith in Santa

Our Son-in-law was asked to be the Santa during his ward Christmas party. He’s not fat by any stretch of the imagination, in fact had to use a pillow to beef up his mid-section, however, what he is, and very good at, is having fun with the kids of all ages in his ward. He is popular and the obvious choice to be Santa. Our daughter (Mrs. Claus) invited one of her sisters, knowing that her three-year old daughter would have a lot of fun. And she did. Little Riyah sat on Santa’s lap and had no idea it was her uncle, however, something happened later that may have destroyed Riyah's faith in Santa Claus. Our Son-in-law went to change out of his suit at the end of the activity. He had no idea that little Riyah was following him. When he took off his hat and beard he heard a very confused Riyah say, “Cameron is Santa?” She had a hard time wrapping her mind around that one.

Pioneer, Sarah Carbine states that her children no longer believed in Santa after what happened?

a.      There were no presents on Christmas morning

b.      When they heard Brigham Young state that Santa Claus simply did not exists

c.       When the fake beard fell from their fathers face

d.      When they saw one too many Santa’s while shopping in Salt Lake City

Yesterday’s answer:

b.   A gypsy

The following from Emily Elizabeth Cook Peay Kling:   A granddaughter, Ruth Peay Woodworth, stated that they always went on Christmas Eve to stay two or three days with the Klings. She writes, “On one Christmas some gypsies had pitched a tent in a field near the railroad track. Christmas morning found Grandma filling a large paper bag with oranges, cake, cookies, candy, and nuts, and Mom and I went with her to make the delivery. The gypsy woman was rather young, was dressed in her colorful dress (which I loved), and was smoking a cigarette, the first woman I ever saw smoke. It really made an impression on me. She played with her little black-eyed baby of about one year—just a doll. She laughed gaily and was very appreciative of our visit and Grandmother’s goodies. . . .”

Lesson Committee, Museum Memories (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 2009), 180-181.

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