Monday, December 29, 2014

“The Vogue of Entertainment”

Nellie Pugsley states that what was “the vogue of entertainment” in Salt Lake City during the 1860’s?

a.      Parlor concerts

b.      Tabernacle concerts

c.       Shooting contests

d.      Rodeos

Yesterday’s answer:

c.   Ezra T. Benson

As a boy, I loved going to the canyon to cut our Christmas tree, and I always tried to get one that reached to the ceiling. Though we received only a few gifts, our stockings were filled with fruit, nuts, and candy, and Santa always left something. Like all children, we suffered terrible anticipation at Christmastime--until, that is, we happened onto the Santa Claus costume in the bottom of an old trunk. Suddenly the secret was out. So that was why Father was always out doing chores when Santa came on Christmas morning. 

From The Joys of Christmas, a booklet of President Benson's testimony on the true meaning of the season. Available as an eBook. 

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