Saturday, December 20, 2014

“There’s That Damned Flag Again”

Who made the above statement after leaving, what he thought, the United States for good and upon their arrival in the west being greeted by the sight of the U.S. flag?

a.      Brigham Young

b.      Porter Rockwell

c.       John Taylor

d.      Samuel Brannan

Yesterday’s answer:

a.      Consecrated oil

The following from the life of Elmira Mower Law Fietkau Snow (Approximate year 1925):   My stomach continued to bother me at times, and finally became so bad the doctor ordered me to the hospital for an operation. I went to L.D.S. Hospital in Salt Lake City, where they took one-half of my stomach and six inches of my intestines. They had to make a new opening, or outlet for my stomach. After being operated on, it seemed my life was about to be despaired of. The doctors had given me up. I was operated on Monday. Friday, seven doctors held consultation but decided to do nothing more. I could take no food by mouth. Sunday morning the Priesthood came in with the Sacrament. When I saw them enter the room the thought came to me, “There is the Sacrament and I can’t take it!” No sooner had these thoughts come to me than the answer followed—“This represents the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ and it’s through Him you expect to be made well.” As it was brought to me I partook of it and, turning to my husband (who was permitted to stay by my side) I asked him to give me a spoonful of consecrated oil. This he did and in a very short time my organs began to function and from then on my stomach worked. The doctors and nurses were so amazed! They could scarcely believe it! I hadn’t doubted I would get well, as the Elders had promised me I would. The doctor told me not to do any work for six months, but a short time after returning home I was helping with the canning was well as other things.

Life Story of Elmira Mower Law Fietkau Snow, by Elmira M. Snow. Permission granted by Julie Davies Hillman (Great- paternal granddaughter of Elmira Mower Law Fietkau Snow)

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