Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Amply Repaid for the Trip

After Thomas and Elizabeth McLelland arrived in Nauvoo after their long ocean voyage, they stated that they felt amply repaid for the trip after they met who?
a.                  Porter Rockwell
b.                  Emma Smith
c.                   Joseph and Hyrum Smith
d.                  Lucy Mack Smith
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   Johnston’s army
The following from the life of Dr. George W. Hickman:   Dr. George W. Hickman was one of the first doctors to settle in Utah County. He was born March 12, 1825, in Randolph County, Missouri, of Edwin Temple Hickman and Elizabeth Adams. His early education was had by tutoring by his mother, who was fairly well educated, and in public schools. Later he attended Oberlin College, Ohio, form which institution he obtained his medical degree.
   Armed with his certificate to practice medicine, young Doctor Hickman set out for the far reaches of California, but he was destined never to reach that state, for Johnston’s Army was at that time also headed westward, and the two met just outside the state. The young doctor, suspected of being a Mormon spy, was taken into custody. He was rescued by his brother, W. A. Hickman, a Mormon scout, who discovered his plight, brought him into Utah, and converted him to the Church; he thereafter remained in Utah, a faithful Latter-day Saint for the remainder of his life.

Chronicles of Courage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City: Lesson Committee, 1993), V4:339-340.

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