Saturday, January 24, 2015

Astounding the Teacher

Elder John Morgan

During the late 1870’s, Elder John Morgan was serving a mission to the Southern States. It was during this time that he was sitting in a meeting and noticed that some of the members of a family were missing. What Elder Morgan did next led to the astonishment of the local school teacher the next day. What did John Morgan do?
a.                  Converted the children of the missing family
b.                  Convinced the missing family to go to Utah
c.                   Helped the son pass a test that the teacher was certain he would fail
d.                  Raised the son from the dead
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      A heavenly choir
The following from the life of Elizabeth Beardall Mower:   The Manti Temple was dedicated May 21, 1888. Elizabeth had the privilege of attending the dedicatory services, and while there received one of the most thrilling experiences of her life. She with her father, mother, aunt and cousin had gone early to the temple, that they might get good seats. As she sat there meditating on Heavenly things, she heard the grandest music they had ever heard in her life. When a choir began to sing, she looked around to see where it was. No one was playing and no one was singing that she could see. She sat there spell bound, thrilled through her whole being, as she realized she was listening to Heavenly music and a choir of angels singing. As it ceased, she turned to her cousin on her left and said, “Wasn’t that the grandest music you ever heard and the most wonderful choir?” “I haven’t heard any music or choir,” her cousin replied. She turned to her aunt on her right, who was so deaf you could hardly make her hear. She had heard all, and said she could tell every instrument in the orchestra. There were only a few of those present who enjoyed this wonderful experience. Elizabeth was so thankful that she was one of these chosen few. Later she had the privilege of going back to the temple where she did the work for many of her loved ones.

Biography of Elizabeth Beardall Mower, Written by her daughter Ella M. Cragun, Permission granted by Julie Davies Hillman (Great-great- maternal granddaughter of Elizabeth Beardall Mower)

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