Thursday, January 29, 2015

Enthusiastic Coverage

What expeditions did the Deseret News cover with great interest?
a.                  African
b.                  Mexican
c.                   Russian
d.                  Polar
Yesterday’s answer:
a.       Brigham Young
He was a twin [Brigham Young Jr.]; his sister, Mary, was a gentle sweet little creature whose life was brief yet none the less beautiful. She was brought to death’s door in infancy through an accident which was the direct result of the mobbing’s and driving’s of the Saints. When the cruel exterminating order came for the “Mormon” to vacate Far West, Mo., in three days, Sister Young procured a wagon, and put what few movables she could crowd therein, and persuaded an Elder to help her to get away. She climbed in with the children and the brother started the team. Sister Young sat on top of the load on her baggage and bedding with a baby on each arm and three little children clinging to her skirts. Just as they started out, the wagon ran into a huge rut, and the baby girl was thrown out under the wheel. With a groan of dismay the driver picked up the bleeding baby and laid it on the trembling mother’s lap, with the remark that “the poor little thing could not live;” for the head was mashed almost flat, and the blood was pouring from mouth and nose. “Don’t prophesy evil, brother; take the other baby!” With skilful hands the mother squeezed and pressed the head back into shape, praying mightily all the while. The Child lived and grew to be the finest child of the family. But at seven years she passed out of her sweet existence to the realms of peace and rest beyond.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901), 121-122.

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