Wednesday, January 28, 2015

His Twin Sister

Which of the following prophets had twins born to him and his wife?
a.                  Brigham Young
b.                  John Taylor
c.                   Lorenzo Snow
d.                  Wilford Woodruff
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   a and b
On the occasion of Utah’s statehood celebration, a huge United States flag was suspended from the ceiling in the Mormon Tabernacle. The flag was 168 feet long and 78 feet wide and was made in the overall factory of ZCMI. It was the largest American flag that had been made up to that time and retained that distinction until 1927. It hung on the ceiling for about eighteen months. In the summer of 1897 it was moved to the outside south wall of the Salt Lake LDS Temple as part of the jubilee celebration honoring the fiftieth anniversary of the arrival of the first company of Utah pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley. It continued to be displayed in this manner for three or four consecutive years. When not on display, it was stored in the green house of Temple Square. Eventually the moisture in this building caused such deterioration that it became necessary to destroy the flag.

Lesson Committee, Museum Memories (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 2009), 223-224.

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