Saturday, January 31, 2015

It Was Just His Personal Feelings

St. George, Utah
We all know that St. George, Utah is named after Brigham Young’s counsellor, George A. Smith.  It’s often referred to as Utah’s Dixie, and for a good reason. For those that live in Utah, St. George appears to be a mecca for those who seek warmer temperatures during the winter months. How did George A. Smith describe the area?
a.                  Almost heaven
b.                  God forsaken
c.                   One step from paradise
d.                  Satan’s playground
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      Members of the Relief Society
The following from the life of Elizabeth Beardall Mower:   Soon after she became deaf, a Stake Primary Conference was held. Sister Louie B. Felt and Lulu Greene Richards were in attendance. The Springville sisters told them of the wonderful work mother was accomplishing and how they hoped and prayed for the restoration of her hearing, so that she might continue. During the noon hour these sisters gave her a wonderful blessing, promising her that her hearing would be restored and that she would yet accomplish a great work among the children. She had faith in their promises of blessings from the Lord. Her hearing gradually returned and in a short time she could hear better than she could before. About ten days after she received the blessing, she was upstairs in her bedroom which as above the Kitchen. My sister Mabel and I were in the dining room planning a surprise for her. She called down to us and said, “You had better talk lower if you don’t want me to hear, as I have heard everything you have been saying.” It was surely a testimony to us all. She continued her work for many years. Boys on missions, who had been in her primary, wrote and told her how they appreciated her teachings. Not until her health failed, just a few years prior to her death, did she give up this work.

Biography of Elizabeth Beardall Mower, Written by her daughter Ella M. Cragun, Permission granted by Julie Davies Hillman (Great-great-maternal granddaughter of Elizabeth Beardall Mower)

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