Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Taking up the Collection

The Nauvoo Brass Band played concerts along the Iowa section of the Mormon Trail to help ease the expense of the migration from Nauvoo to Winter Quarters. Surprisingly, after a concert given to a local Indian tribe a collection was taken among the natives to help the Mormons in their trek to the west. What was it that the natives collected and gave to the Saints?
a.                  Ammunition
b.                  Buffalo jerky
c.                   Clothing
d.                  Money
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Diphtheria
The following from the autobiography of Huldah Cordelia Thurston Smith. She was born on the Mormon trail in Iowa on June 1, 1846:   Quite early in the spring of 1880, the terrible scare of diphtheria broke out in our valley, and people did not know how to treat it. Death took a terrible toll wherever it went. I was frightened terribly of it and, of course, looked very closely after our children. But finally the last of June it came to us. My second daughter, Amanda, had it. I immediately treated her thoroughly for a sore throat, not knowing what it was. She was getting better when Little Sarah, my seventh child, came down with it. And when I found out it was truly the diphtheria we had, I was perfectly unnerved and did not know one thing to do for it. At that time in Salt Lake City, Davis, Weber, Utah, and Cache counties, we could hear of whole families dying with it; and in our county two and three seemed to be taken out of every family. I was truly distracted. No one dare come to the house. Those passing on the street would hold their noses and take the opposite side of the road. We had no drugstores and were three miles from stores of any kind or a railroad station. Amanda got better, but little Sarah died on the 3rd of July 1880 and was buried on the 4th. Our little daughter Deseretta, then six years old, was coming down with it, and she died July 26, 1880, and was buried on the 27th. My oldest daughter, Cordelia, went to the burial, but was sick, coming down with it. I thought surely that all were going to die, and all that I desired was to be able to live and wait upon them all till the last minute to see them laid away and then go, too.

Chronicles of Courage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City: Lesson Committee, 1993), V4:337.

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