Saturday, February 28, 2015

“. . . he is surprised to see such violence of feeling existing against a people who seem so inoffensive”

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These words come from a letter of non-Mormon Major Woodward to his wife. What incident is he referring to?
a.                   The expulsion of the Saints from Nauvoo, Illinois
b.                  The persecution of the Saints while trying to build the Kirtland Temple
c.                   The persecution of the Saints in Missouri
d.                  The persecution of the Mormon Battalion by their own non-Mormon leaders
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      Oliver Cowdery
As the result of a severe cold, contracted sometime during 1849, he became infected with the dreaded disease known then as "consumption," which brought about his death on March 3, 1850. Oliver Cowdery, at the time, was a few months past his 43rd birthday. Of his death, David Whitmer, who was present, relates:
"Oliver died the happiest man I ever saw. After shaking hands with the family and kissing his wife and daughter, he said: `Now I lay me down for the last time: I am going to my Savior'; and he died immediately with a smile on his face."

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